How long has Memories by Mark been taking photos in our area?

We have been providing wedding memories in this area since 1983.


When should I book Memories by Mark?

We suggest that you consider hiring us 6-8 months prior to the date of your wedding.
Because of our reputation and low prices, we fill up early so don???t wait too long. Remember, no wedding is considered booked by us until a signed contract is in effect.


Do we sign a contract and why is this so important?

Yes, a contract must be sign in order to secure the date. The fact that we may have spoken on the telephone or had a meeting does not obligate either of us to each other. A contract allows spells out what we will do and prevents any misunderstandings and allows us to remain friends.


Do you require a retainer?

Yes we require 1/3 of the balance paid upon the signing of the contract, 1/3 due the Monday before the wedding, and the balance paid upon delivery of the photos/video.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Memories by Mark accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards, Checks and Cash for the first two of the payment schedules. Upon delivery of the photos and/or videos, we only accept cash (due to a large number of bad credit cards, debit cards and bounced checks in the past) As a reminder, failure to make agreed upon payments will result in the loss of services for your event.


What if I cancel my event?

This is the biggest question everyone in the wedding industry deals with on a daily basis. Memories by Mark will reserve you wedding date with a signed contract and the payment of a retainer. That means we will not be available to others who may call later looking to book our services. If you cancel your event 60 or more days before the event, you will lose only the given retainer. If you cancel your event inside the 60 day window, then you will be responsible for full payment of the contract.


What if a hurricane comes?

This is the 2nd question everyone asks about. In the event of a hurricane and you have to cancel you wedding, we simply will transfer your retainer to a new wedding date after the hurricane passes. This transfer is good up to one year past the original event date. If no date is chosen during that period or if the wedding is permanently cancelled or occurs out of our area(ie.Las Vegas, etc.), then the retainer is lost.


Do you have backup equipment?

Most definitely yes. The beauty of digital photography as that we are assured that we have the best photos possible at the time of shooting. That was not possible when we shot on film.


Can I change the time or date of my event?

The date can not be changed and the time can only be changed if it does not impact another wedding scheduled for that day.


Are you licensed and insured?



Do I get the copyrights to my images?

Yes, we provide a release of copyright to all of our clients.


Do I get digital negatives?

Yes, you will receive the original, full sized digital images on photo cd???s.


When will you arrive?

We arrive one hour prior to the event at the location specified in your package. If you wish us to come earlier than that, a $49.00 fee is charged.


Can you arrive at my house, hotel, or other location?

While this feature is standard in several of our packages, it can be added for an additional $49.00.


Do you keep backups of my images at your studio?

Once we deliver your photos and photo cd???s we will keep you images on file for only 30 days. After that they are erased from our computers. We strongly recommend that you make a copy of your photo cd???s and store them in a separate location. That way you will always be able to access them if a disaster strikes.


When will my photos and video be ready?

Generally speaking, most work is ready for pickup 2-3 weeks after the event. This may fluctuate slightly during heavy periods during the year. In any and all cases, photos must be picked up within 45 days from that date of the event or else a $50 per month storage fee will be applied to the balance.


What can I do to assure great photographs at my wedding?

The number #1 thing to remember is that great photography does not occur by the photographer alone. Great photography is a cooperative effort between all of us. This means having a great attitude, not being hung over, keeping on time and not being late, allowing enough time for photos after the ceremony, travel to the reception location and time for additional photos at the reception location prior to your grand entrance. Memories by Mark will work with all of your wedding vendors to assure a great event. Our coordination with the catering manager, limo drivers, and dj???s mean a trouble free event. We are well known for going above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done.


Can other people take photographs at my event?

Of course! Memories by Mark does not restrict the taking of photos by your family or guests. All we ask is that we be allowed to get our images first before everyone else takes a photo. That way you photos will be exposed properly.


What if my church does not allow photographs during the ceremony?

Many religious organizations do not allow photographs to be taken during the ceremony. If that is the case at your church, we will make arrangements with church officials to recreate several scenes from your ceremony for photos. We will not be responsible for images not obtained due to restrictions imposed by your church.


I only have the limo for three hours. Can you hurry up the photos after the ceremony?

Again, this is a frequent problem at weddings. You have waited your entire life for this special day and now you want us to hurry up with the photos because of your limo? While Memories by Mark does work in an efficient manner, we will NOT hurry up your photographs and cut corners because of a time issue with the limo. Please discuss your needs with us and we can easily work out a time schedule that permits a smooth flow to the day. Your photos will last the rest of your life. It???s time well spent.


What if it rains on my wedding day?

Memories by Mark strongly urges all weddings have a backup plan in case it rains on your wedding day. The nature of our summer weather is afternoon rain on most days. All outdoor weddings must have a backup plan as Memories by Mark will NOT provide services in the rain.




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